You’ve never heard of The Bolton Ass???

What do you mean you’ve never heard of The Bolton Ass?

Well, let me introduce you to this once famous donkey.

I found out about The Bolton Ass because Dr. John Doran mentioned him in a lesson he shared.

He was talking about Diet and Digestion in his book “Table traits, with something on them” and brought up this mysterious creature.

Dr. Doran described The Bolton Ass as a creature who believed he could become as swift as a race horse by chewing tobacco and taking snuff.

My donkey is a descendant of The Bolton Ass mentioned in Dr. Doran’s tale from the mid-1800’s.

Contrary to his ancestor’s preference to tobacco and snuff, my donkey does not partake of such poisons.

Neither did his great-grandfather. Here’s a picture of The Bolton Ass racing a Thoroughbred. He didn’t win, but he sure gave that high-brow a run for his money!

About Bolton

Hello, I am the owner of the donkey known as The Bolton Ass. Most people know me as Frank (or @gfb3 if you follow me on twitter). Some call me by other names. I accept people for who they are. (Most of the time.) However, my donkey, The Bolton Ass, tends to let people know how he thinks by awarding them at random opportunities. His two main awards are The Bolton Kick Ass Award and The Bolton Dumb Ass Award. He also likes to tell stories about his historical kin-folk. By the way, he wants me to tell you that he encourages nominations for future awards and might be swayed to present an award or two if your bribe is generous enough.