Inside Story About Star Trek’s First Contact. It wasn’t in 2063 nor 1957. It was in 1952!

Most people think Vulcans made First Contact with Earth in 2063.

Some think it was in 1957 at Carbon Creek.

However, I’ve got proof that Spock visited Earth in 1952!

Hollywood was following Uncle Francis around with cameras while they were preparing another reality movie called “Francis Goes To West Point“.

Hollywood didn’t have reality shows back in the 1900’s. But they did produce some good reality movie shows.

Uncle Francis was approached by Spock (when the cameras were not around) and was let in on his secret mission.

Unfortunately, Uncle Francis did not share with The Bolton Ass as to why Spock was observing Earth during the 1950’s. 

Only that Spock was there to observe Earth for the Vulcans.

Here’s a film clip showing Spock posing as a West Point Football Player with a Brooklyn accent:


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