The Bolton Dumb Ass Award #0000001

The Bolton Ass is compelled to present the The Bolton Dumb Ass Award to irresponsible parties of BP’s Gulf Oil Disaster.

Let it be known to all people that The Bolton Ass is deeply disturbed by the actions and in-actions leading up to and after the largest preventable ecological and economical disaster recorded in the world, or to be more specific, in the Gulf of Mexico.

On 20 April 2010 BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 platform workers and injuring 17 others. Thankfully, 98 people survived without serious injuries.

At the same time, wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico started dying in record numbers. Within a couple of weeks, many areas along the Gulf Coast started experiencing ecological and economical effects of the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Within a short time, it was revealed that the BP Oil Disaster could have been avoided if expert advice concerning several specific situations had not been ignored.

The U. S. Federal Government’s White House Oil Spill Commission investigated the Gulf Oil Disaster and released a final report in January of 2011 detailing nine faults made by BP and other companies that contributed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster.

In November of 2010, The New York Times quoted Donald Winter, an expert in the case: “A large number of decisions were made that were highly questionable and potentially contributed to the blowout… Virtually all were made in favor of approaches which were shorter in time and lower in cost. That gives us concern that there was not proper consideration of the tradeoffs between cost and schedule and risk and safety.”

It is too early to speculate how long it will take for the victims of this disaster to recuperate both ecologically and economically. And by victims, I mean: humans, animals, plant life, water quality, air quality, families, business, and communities afflicted by the incident.

As for all the irresponsible (corporate and governmental) parties who made poor judgement decisions before and after this preventable disaster: Please stand behind my donkey. Turn around so you are facing away from his backside. And bend over so The Bolton Ass can kick you with both hooves where the sun don’t shine.

About Bolton

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